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As part of the global Alacrity ecosystem, Alacrity India brings world-class SaaS know-how and technology to India and combines it with best-in-class Indian mentors and technology to fund and scale Indian startups.

About Alacrity India

Alacrity India is a member of the global Alacrity ecosystem of early-stage technology startup funds and accelerators, with a focus on investing in India-based startups. The word “alacrity” means brisk and cheerful readiness. This definition, the unique combination of resources behind it, and a shared vision to create significant local and global economic and social impact, propel the Alacrity ecosystem forward. Numerous companies globally have already graduated successfully from the unique technology start-up and VC funding model, and others are constantly being identified and brought on line.
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Overview of Alacrity

Best-in-Class B2B SaaS Expertise

Global expertise on enterprise software, adapted to India’s requirements

A Global Ecosystem

Alacrity has startup accelerators in Canada, the UK, France, Turkey, China and soon in Mexico, Singapore and Indonesia

Accelerate Time to Market

Access to best-in-class technology from our global portfolio

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