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alacrity india model and programs

The Alacrity business model has been proven over a number of years and in a number of disparate global locations. It is a model that starts with the experience and lead investment of Wesley Clover, and adds three critical components for success: like-minded local partners, local business and technology academia and local governments and programs. Consistently, this is a winning recipe. More details can be found here.

That said, the recipe is adapted to each region within the Alacrity ecosystem, and the Alacrity India model has been customized to India.   India has unique challenges, with massive scale. “Market-making” technologies, such as India Stack, are emerging. Mobile penetration, including smartphones and infrastructure, are expanding on a daily basis. Combined with this, the technology barriers to global business are rapidly diminishing. Alacrity India will leverage these opportunities by applying its proven model to groom and grow idea and acceleration-stage startups to be investor-ready. The model includes high-touch incubation and mentorship, ideation processes, a startup bootcamp in Canada, access to technology components from within our global portfolio to enable Indian startups to reduce their time to market and time to revenue, and our global experience in building B2B SaaS-based companies.

Based in Pune, Alacrity India has two specific programs catering to Idea Stage and Acceleration Stage B2B SaaS startups. Motivation of these programs is to help the startups prepare for rapid scaling and attract Series A stage investors which can fuel their growth stage.

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